Property Management

Jaris Realty, Inc. is proud to offer a wide range of rental services from management to listing services. Our team of experts has a wide range of experience and can tailor our services to meet your exact needs. We have walked the miles in your shoes as we have also experienced the in’s and out’s of relocating to the Douglas County and surrounding area location.


: With multiple showing coordinators, we show our homes every day of the week and at times that are convenient to prospective tenants and landlord schedules. We do not limit our hours for showings. We look at it as if every showing is going to be the one that rents your home.

: Leasing fees are determined by the program that you choose. Our leasing fees include all advertisements (including pay), professional photography, video-tours, commission splits with other real estate agents (as not to limit tenant opportunities), marketing scam checks, in-depth screening, move-in coordination and inspections, plus all paperwork.


  • Your property will be on our interactive website listed under “Featured Rentals” and on at least 35 additional websites specializing in rental properties. This gains worldwide exposure for the potential tenants.There is no additional cost to you for the pay sites that we market on, this is included in our leasing fee.
  • Professional photos will be taken of your home and published to our web site plus all other websites with professional grade photos of your rental property. This is included in our leasing fee.
  • Video Tours will be created of your home from the Still Photos. These tours are great for relocations to view before their house hunting trips! These tours capture every room of your home! This is included in our leasing fee.

TENANT SCREENING: Jaris Realty, Inc. runs criminal, eviction, and FULL credit reports (not just a credit score) on prospective tenants as soon the application is submitted. In addition to the credit report, we verify given information from previous landlords as well as current employers. We do have the most rigorous screening process in order to provide an accurate assessment and potential tenant for you. After collecting and verifying all the information we submit and review the results with the homeowner for final decision to either accept or reject the application.This is included in our leasing fee.

WE INSPECT YOUR PROPERTY: Before the new tenants occupancy, we inspect the property to verify move-in condition and/or to take care of the final turnover items. A “Move-In” report is generated and in some cases a still or video camera will be used to record the visual inspection. The same process will apply at the move-out phase. During the rental period we perform monthly drive-by inspections and a quarterly internal with tenant to check for abnormalities. A written notification will be sent to the tenant if a violation of
house-rules or regulations is noted and a write-up is sent to the owner (found on the monthly invoices). If necessary, an inside inspection will be performed on the spot. The neighbors will also be informed that Jaris Realty, Inc. is managing your property and we will supply them with our contact information, in the event that something they believe needs our attention occurs. We can send you a written quarterly report (if requested) or will provide a verbal quarterly report. Please let us know your preference. The move-in inspection is included in our leasing fee.

RENT COLLECTION: Rents are typically due on the first day of each month, with four days grace period. We collect the rent for you and ACH or wire you the rent within three business days after the fourth day of grace period. In case an eviction is necessary we will represent the owner throughout the paperwork process along with appearing in court.

MAINTENANCE AND REPAIR COORDINATION: When maintenance or repair service is required, we will contact the appropriate professional for the job. We offer flexibility in using your choice of professional at their rates and estimates. However, we find that our in-house maintenance/repair team can often fix the problem at a fraction of what you would pay for a subcontractor. Our team is fully-experienced in damage or mechanical assessments. We can often perform on-site repairs without bring a sub-contractor in. This will save you $$$$$$ by not having to pay contract prices when it is not needed.

We are available 7 days a week to ensure prompt response to maintenance and repair requests, and to show your property to prospective tenants at their convenience. Our clients can either call or email in service maintenance request 24 hours a day 7 days (for immediate response please call).

CONTRACT FORMS AND DISCLOSURES: We will provide the entire updated contract and disclosure forms necessary for the protection of your interests. Our lease has been in use for over 20 years with updates as we have grown. Our lease is reviewed annually by one of the best real estate attorneys in Denver. We review, line-by-line, the terms of the lease with the tenant to include their responsibilities.

MORTGAGE/HOA/Insurance PAYMENT: The Mortgage payment can be setup to be paid on the owner’s behalf each month if this service is preferred, several methods can be approached upon further discussion.

  • Emergency Response 24/7
  • No override on maintenance or repair work
  • Certain # hours of maintenance work included (depends on program)
  • Include coordination for all maintenance even in our in-house team can not fix it
  • Rent deposited into your account (ACH)
  • Mortgage & HOA service (possible)
  • Periodic Walk-throughs and Exterior Inspections
    *We are able to see your home more often due to our in-house maintenance team. If we haven’t been inside during a quarter, there will be a walk-though scheduled.
  • Local company! We know what each neighborhood rents for.
  • Accounting and Annual 1099


Traditional Full-Service HOMEOWNER Property Management
Full Service Management** (10%)
Partial-Service Management (8%)
Tailored Service Management
A-La-Carte Services

We can help you in multiple ways with property management. We offer basic up to full-service service packages with a sliding leasing fee schedule. It just depends on what you need and want, each of our services can be tailored to you! Our almost 20-years of property management experience ensures that we treat your home as if it were ours. Contact us for more information and pricing. **